Something related to Melanie

Melanie is such a big inspiration for me, and I love her style and personality. 

  • My favorite era: Cry Baby (2015) 
  • My favorite songs: Recess, You Love I, Band Aid, Gold Diggin Love, Carousel, Cry Baby, Copy Cat, etc...

About me

Hi! I'm totally new here, but I had already loved the idea of this wiki! ♡ You can call me Zee.

I have some projects on this wiki. They are: 

I hope you like them ^-^

I'm a cry baby since 2016, but I love other artists too. I'm a big fan of MGMT, Marina and Arctic Monkeys. I also like some 60s-90s artists, like A-HA, ABBA, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Golden Boys (brazilian group), Bonnie Tyler, Nena, Queen, etc...

Some stuff you probably don't know about me:

  • I love Dr. Spok even without watching Star Trek;
  • Orange is my favorite fruit;
  • Drawing and writing are my hobbies, and I like to edit videos too;
  • I'm a fangirl of Tom Hanks of 80s and Benvolio of Romeo & Juliet from 1968;
  • I love chemistry and literature;
  • I like to make cosplay and I had already done one of Angelita ;
  • One of my favorite games is My Candy Love, and I like Jade a lot (the gardenman);
  • I love love love love science fiction!!! ;
  • I love to sing, but I'm too shy to post a cover on YouTube...;
  • Coraline, White chicks and Back to the future are my favorite movies;
  • My princess dream is get an Oscar of best movie director!
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