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"Toyland" is an unreleased album by American singer Melanie Martinez. It was planned to be her second studio album but she later scrapped because the project would not fit the budget of the film given by her label. It would be released at some point in October of 2018.

Background and Theme

The existence of this project was leaked on a forum by an anonymous user that claimed to be an former manager of Melanie that started working with her in 2014 and left in 2017. In the post he revealed some information like unpublished images of the film's recordings that were shoot in United States, an unfinished version of the album's official cover and that the standard edition of the album would have in about 14 tracks. A few days after, the user deleted the post and never spoke about it again.

A month later, a group of hackers broke into Michael Keenan's Google Drive account and managed to gain access to a document with all the information about the album including the titles of the tracks present in it. Unfortunately there were not many things that on it, just a demo of one of the tracks and some snippets of others.

After a week Melanie spoke about it through an Instagram post revealing that she discarded it due to the budget of her film that would not fit into her planning. So she decided that instead of cutting parts of the film and leaving it incomplete, it would be easier to create a new album completely from scratch. Melanie in the same day confirmed in a now-deleted tweet that the album would be released in October of 2018 and due to this statement possibly the album would have a very dark theme inspired by the Halloween. But her former manager said that actually the album was scrapped due to its very heavy theme that could have traumatize Melanie's younger fanbase.


Confirmed Songs

  • This is Toyland (Do U Wanna Play?)
  • Building Blocks
  • A Dolly for President
  • Gabby Duck
  • Jack in the Box
  • Play-Doh
  • Rocking Horse
  • Sketchy Barney
  • Sock Monkey
  • Uno!
  • Xylophone

Possible Songs

  • Battle Strategy
  • Card Games
  • Resources
  • Tamagotchi


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