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Melanie started work on The Gateway in 2022 after she finished her K-12 Tour and After School EP. She confirmed this in a tweet saying: 'Started work on a new album, will take a while, as there will be many more songs'.

Just like her first album, Crybaby, this album did not have a movie to accompany the album. It instead had music videos for every single (including promotional singles) and 2 other songs (Cupid's Arrow and Nightmare).


Standard - The Gateway:

Disc 1 - Up In The Clouds:

Disc 2 - Under The Bottom:

Deluxe - Gone Through

Disc 1 - Higher Than The Clouds:

Disc 2 - Well Below The Bottom:

Japanese Special Edition - White Flag

Disc 1 - Cloudy:

Disc 2 - Deadly:


There were 9 singles and 5 promotional singles, 14 singles in total. 6 singles from Disc 1 and 6 from Disc 2.

Disc 1: Disc 2:
Afterlife - Lead single Traitor and Treason
Cotton Candy Cloud You Love I
The Golden Chalice Death Wish
Promotional Singles
Disc 1: Disc 2:
In A Bright N Better Place Ghost Bridge
Our Angels Trapped
Burned In The Cauldron

Original Track Listing

Cut Songs

Over 50 songs were planned on making it to this album, but many were cut.

  • Gifts
  • Teacher's Pet
  • Sippy Cup
  • Recess
  • Training Wheels
  • Just A Ghost
  • Only Light (the lights cut out)
  • Demon Love

Removed, Replaced and Altered


  • Aeroplane View is the shortest song on both the standard and deluxe editions of the album at 2:31, and Close To The Sun is the longest song on the standard edition at 4:03.
    • Lost is the shortest song from the Japanese special edition, at 1:59, therefore making it the shortest song on all the editions. Ring Around The Rosie is the longest song on the deluxe and Japanese special editions of the album at 4:18.
  • This album took 4 years since After School, like K-12, because there were so many songs, even though there was no movie released with the album.






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