"Telling Tales" is the sixth track from Melanie Martinez's unreleased album Bluffington. She released the track along with the tracklist of Bluffington on her Soundcloud account.



There once was a girl who lives in eternal hell

Now no one is safe

[Verse 1]

Once upon a time fuck this

I hate fairytales

Its so fucking boring

You could've gone to sleep I'm so tired of this


Basic Bitch's back so I get some help

Shit I forgot about telling Tales

I forgot Telling tales

(Telling tales, telling tales)

[Verse 2]

I knew Cinderella is my fave

But for Star Wars its bullshit

I found the axeman in the window

And I'm fucking scared


So I can't remember who I'm Telling Tales

Telling Tales

​​(Slap me bitch)


Still can't find my bottle

Oh that crazy motherfucking bitch does this

Tra LA LA 

Im still telling tales


Telling Tales, Telling Tales, Telling Tales, Telling Tales.

Slap me bitch.

Who the fucking who want your motherfucking ass on me you little bitch


Telling Tales

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