"I shouldn't put the icing on top"
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"Sunny Days Will Come" is the first extended play, (EP) released by Melanie Martinez in April 28th, 2011.

Melanie released this one before she signed with a record label so many people today don't know this EP, but in 2019 Melanie published the EP on April 28th, 2019 through her SoundCloud account celebrating the eighth anniversary of the EP.


Melanie started promoting this EP in 2009 by posting the videos of these songs on her Youtube channel execept for Normalcy Will Never Be Achieved that she posted in 2010. Melanie started recording and producing studio versions of songs around this time as well.


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. Hey Alice Melanie Martinez 2:37
2. Go On Away Martinez 3:26
3. Smoke Martinez 2:55
4. Story of an Insomniac Martinez 5:03
5. Alone Martinez 3:00
6. Black And Blue Martinez 2:32
7. Empty Life Martinez 3:15
8. Violent Disease Martinez 3:54
9. Normalcy Will Never Be Achieved Martinez 3:41


  • The EP was released in Melanie's 16th birthday.
  • Added was a speculated song for this EP, but it was later proven to be fake.
    • I Don't Know was a speculated song for this EP too, since that Melanie upload the video with this title on her Youtube channel and she later deleted. However the original video was eventually recovered and it was discovered that the video itself was just a special video in which Melanie talked about reaching a certain number of subscribers.
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