''Sing Me To Sleep'' is the fourth EP released by Melanie Martinez. It was released in July of 2022, following the release of her Martinez's third studio album and second feature film.



The Trails

The first single of the EP was ''The Trails'' which was originally sung by Melanie alone on the MM3 tour. On April 8th, she released the studio version featuring Lola Blanc.

Sing Me To Sleep

''Sing Me To Sleep'' was released on May 20th 2022 along with a music video and the announcement of the EP by the same name.


In an interview with E!, Melanie stated that the EP consisted of small ''side-story songs'' that she had written. ''They all follow Cry Baby on small adventures and dive a bit deeper into her mind and what happens around her. I had a lot of fun writing it, since i could write smaller stories for [Cry Baby] and be a bit more creative''. The title song was originally going to be a deluxe song from her third studio album but was later scrapped from that and released on Sing Me To Sleep. In an Instagram Q&A, Melanie stated that she would like to make more EP's containing small plots/stories


  • A song titled ''Curtains'' was originally on the EP. It was late scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • ''Nevermind'' was written in just under twenty minutes, according to Michael Keenan.
  • Artist Tierra Whack has song-writing crediting on Sour Gummies and Grow. It's speculated that Tierra was originally going to be featured on one of them.
  • The line ''I kept the memories longer than your name'' in ''Grow'' is a reference to the line ''The names are the first things to go after the breath has gone, and the beating of the heart. We keep our memories longer than our names.'' from the book named ''Coraline'' by Neil Gaiman.
  • A month after it's the initial release, ''The Trails'' were added onto E!'s 500 songs of the century, along with a song from her third studio album, aswell as Pity Party from her debut album ''Cry Baby''


Along with the EP, Melanie released a small series of merchandise, including an exclusive vinyl record, a ''grow-a-heart'' growing toy and two t-shirts. For everyone who ordered any of the merchandise within 24 hours of its release, was a small exclusive bag of Melanie branded gummies and a sticker. The exclusive vinyl also came with a sample-size Cry Baby perfume.


Exclusive Sing Me To Sleep vinyl. Sold at Urban Outfitters

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