"Silence Says" is the last track on the standard version of Paper Towns and the 13th track overall. Released on the 18th of January, 2018.


Bahog oten bahog bilat A pun to "Simon Says" a game where a person is Simon and they tell people what to do when they say "Simon Says _" This song is about a person who stays silent during tough times. A boy named "Jimmy" aka "Lover Boy" takes the role of Simon in the game. You can learn more about him in the songs "Lover Boy" and "Jimmy Tells"


[Verse 1]

I copy the things he tells me to do

If I fail, he'll turn me blue

I wish I could tell this boy

I don’t want this love, it’s toxic

But he tells me he will suicide if I leave

He calls it being love sick

I can't get out

No, I can't get out


I can't speak up

Or else I'm gone

I'm giving up, yeah I'm giving up

Or else I'm gone

Or else I'm gone

[Verse 2]

I've got many different names for him

Jimmy, Lover Boy and Simon






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