"Shoelaces" is the eighth song on Melanie's fourth studio album, Gummies.


This song is about Cry Baby killing her ex's obnoxious, homophobic mother, who she was singing about in Luck, by choking her with a rope. Meanwhile, Sophia is worried that her mother's actions are going to provoke a family war.


I've had enough

Of seeing ridiculing faces

I think I'm gonna have

To bring out the shoelaces

I think it's best to run

My mind's finally come undone

Unless, of course, you think

That dying is fun

You'll be left

In tears down in the dust

Let me go over the things

That you said to me

I mean why should it matter

If I'm fucking a she

Did you really think 

That you could stop me

It's revolution all over again

I'm spilling the tea

You'll be left

In tears down in the dust

And now my daughter says

That I should be worried

Now that I've involved

His family

I am, I am, I am too

Not gonna let it show

Whoever messes with the ones I love

Has to go

You'll be left

In tears down in the dust


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