"See In Me What I Can't" is the non-official second major-label studio album by Melanie Martinez. It was unofficially released digitally on September 22, 2018, by Allison Godoi a alleged worker from Atlantic Records.

Background Edit

It was released by all digital platforms on September 22, which created a stir and confusion. Many people believed in this and others did not, nothing has been confirmed or denied by Melanie.

Tracklist Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. Haunted Melanie Martinez, CJ Baran, Kara DioGuardi CJ Baran 3:35
2. Unhappy Meal Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan 3:45
3. Half Hearted Melanie Martnez, Miles Nasta Aalias 4:23
4. 99 Cent Store Melanie Martinez Kinetics & One Love 3:44
5. You Love I Melanie Martinez Kinetics & One Love 3:30
6. Strawberry Fields Forever John Lennon, Paul McCartney Kinetics & One Love 3:24
7. Wicked Words (feat. Jared Dylan) Jared Dylan Jared Dylan 3:54
8. Band Aid Melanie Martinez One Love 2:16
9. Night Mime Melanie Martinez, Rick Markowitz Rick Markowitz 5:06
10. Drama Club Melanie Martinez Kinetics & One Love 3:44
11. Bombs On Monday Melanie Martinez One Love 4:04
12. Schizo Melanie Martinez, Kinetics & One Love Kinetics & One Love 3:58

Trivia Edit

  • The cover art is a work of art based on song Carousel.
  • It was removed from all digital platforms a day later.