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This page is the list of rules
for the wikia in general.

Along with these rules
will be the
consequences for if one or more of these rules get broken. With some
of these rules
you may get a more severe consequence depending on the severity for which
it was broken.
Please take into consideration that if you argue over being banned or
something along those lines, that it will
probably play a major role on if your ban were to be extended. If you feel
that you were
banned unfairly or if there was a
misunderstanding please take it up on their message wall and
if you would like to report someone who is breaking the rules, please
go to one of the staff's message
walls and they will do their best
to get back to that as soon as they can.
Thank you

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Step 1. Don't edit another persons profile
you are however, allowed to with that persons permission

Step 2. Don't vandalize any pages
if you feel like its missing something or that something should be added,
let staff know

Step 3. Don't vandalize

Step 4. No minimodding
giving advice is ok but giving out warnings is not

Step 5. Don't ask to become staff unless officially applying
the answer is no :^)

Step 6. No explicit content
by this we mean sexual, graphic, prejudice, racist, etc.

Step 7. When creating a page or blogpost
keep it relevant to the title

Step 8. Keep your profanity to a minimum
you don't need to say fucking eight times
in one sentence. We get it :,^)

Step 9. Do your best to use proper grammar
adding on to this don't be a grammar nazi

Step 10. Don't advertise
suggestions are understandable just don't take it to far

Step 11. Flamebait will NOT be tolerated

Step 12. No zalgo text
and walls aka: huge blocks of texts
that are unecessary.

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