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"Night Terrors" is Melanie Martinez's 3rd studio album, released in 2022. It was released through CD, vinyl, digital download and cassette. Bonus editions of the album included deluxe, Target and Japanese.


The Lampshade EP was released in early 2021, to promote and excite fans for the album, as it had a similar theme to this album, according to Melanie. Unlike the Dollhouse EP, none of the songs were featured on the album.

It reached #7 in it's first day on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and #3 in it's first week. Slowly, during the month it went up to #2 and stayed there for three days, and finally reached #1 and stayed there for five weeks. It then dropped down to #5 and stayed for 6 weeks (it moved to #4 for a few hours, but went back to #5 eventually), and finally moved to #8, and stayed there for eleven weeks. It came in at #1 in the alternative albums chart and sold 46,000 copies in the first week.


The theme of the album is adapting and adjusting to new environments and changes and finding yourself in those situations. It mentions loving and appreciating what you have and what you've had and to not take things for granted.


The story starts when Crybaby is dreaming and she dies in her sleep by some form of powerful empath malfunction (Night Terrors). She wakes up as a ghost and realises she is dead. She isn't particularly sad, but still sheds a few tears. She realises that she had woken up on the day of her funeral and she sees all the people she loves, and begins to cry. The name of the song refers to flowers people place at dead peoples' gravestones (blue flowers). She realises that she can't do anything about the fact that she died, so she floats up to the clouds, where Heaven is 'supposed' to be situated, while thinking about how her future life will be like (Candy Cloud Weather). She meets Lilith up there and she explains that she had died. Crybaby knows that she speaks the truth, but still refuses to believe how it happened. The term 'unrealistic' is how Crybaby still can't believe that she had died, and the term 'ready' refers to Crybaby accepting the fact that she had died (Unrealistic But Ready). Before Crybaby enters Heaven, she wants to explore what she hasn't seen and look at all the places she's been (Exploration). Crybaby went around looking for important places to her, like her kindergarten, where her school (K-12 Sleepaway School) used to be, etc. (Mémoire). She then moves on to seeing her empath friends, and she stays with them for a while, because she can't communicate with them anymore, as she is dead (Endship). Then Crybaby leaves them and she feels lost. She doesn't know what to do or what to expect, and she relates herself to cashiers and how they know what to do for their job (scan and collect money), while she doesn't (Next, Please). Crybaby then tells herself that there's nothing left to do and decides that it's time to take the next step and stop wishing that she could change the future (Sunset (Time To Go)). On her way to Heaven, Crybaby looks around and sees a clock tower, and for some reason doesn't seem to be working for her, and the clock hands keep spinning around and around, and it reminds Crybaby of how crazy she was, how crazy her life was, and how crazy her life will be, now that she had died through a dream (Clockwork). Crybaby arrives at the Gates to Heaven and enters, and is greeted by Lilith once again, and other guardian angels. She meets her grandparents and other family members that she had never known (Rise). Finally, she accepts that she is in Heaven, and that she will be here from then on. She looks back at her previous life one last time, and tells herself that she will never forget it (Present).

The deluxe, Target and Japanese tracks are considered bonus tracks and have nothing to do with the story of "Night Terrors".

Track Listing

Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition

Target Exclusive Edition

  • 19. Loving Like (loving like- bc ur in heaven u cant rlly love but u can but ur like a ghost) (2:50 - 2:16 demo)
  • 20. Ghost Shadows (leaving your mark) (promo single) (mels fave) (4:47)

Japanese Edition

  • 21. salt & pepper (unknown rn) (yt and itunes - 3:03 / correct spotify - 3:04)


Cut Tracks

Moved, Replaced and Scrapped

  • Ice Cream Stand was replaced by salt & pepper for unknown reasons.
  • Undreaming was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • reluCtant was scrapped because it was a combination of Candy Cloud Weather and Unrealistic and Ready, and Melanie wanted 2 separate songs for the album.
  • Moon Walk was scrapped because it didn't fit the story.
  • What To Do Next? was scrapped from the standard edition, but Melanie put it onto the deluxe.
    • She wanted to scrap it because it was too similar to Next, Please, but she decided to rework it and keep it.
  • Baby Don't Cry was scrapped because there were other songs that fit the theme of the album better.
  • Mystic Oasis was in between Undreaming and Night Terrors in the original tracklist.
    • The storyline for the song was dreaming (continuation of Undreaming) of being in a happy place, but then things take a turn for the worse, and the song ends suddenly, and then Night Terrors begins and in that song she gets killed.


  • Clockwork was originally going to be a bonus track, but Melanie included it in the standard edition anyway.
  • The standard edition was originally going to be released on June 13th, but was pushed back 1 day.
    • The deluxe edition was going to be released on September 10th, and then changed to the 12th, but was released on the 2nd instead, which surprised fans.
    • The Japanese edition was going to be released on June 15th (a day after the standard edition came out), but Melanie wanted to add more songs for the deluxe and they would be featured on the Japanese edition, so she postponed it to October 16th.
  • Because of the success from K-12, Melanie was offered to publish Night Terrors through 'Jumping Castle Record Labels' and 'SeaShell Music Company', but she declined both.


Ghostly Daylight



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