"Jimmy Tells" is the last track and bonus track of the album "Paper Towns" released Jan 18th, 2018.

Story Edit

Jimmy Tells is a part 2 to Lover Boy. It shows Lover Boy's dark side. Jimmy is Simon in Silence Says.

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1] [spoken in a clueless little girl's voice]

Jimmy tells me to do what he says

Jimmy tells me to me bad favours

Jimmy tells me to be bad

I don't want to make Jimmy mad

Jimmy tells me to love him

Love him dirty

Jimmy tells me that it's fine

Jimmy says "You're mine"

[Chorus] [Cry baby sings]

Jimmy, Jimmy

He just not right

Jimmy, Jimmy

He won't let you sleep at night

Now you're gone

You're not free from

Jimmy, Jimmy

[Verse 2]





Lyrics Edit

  • Melanie wanted to spread the message of silence being bad and that you should ALWAYS speak up, shown in the 3 songs "Jimmy Tells" "Lover Boy" and "Silence Says"
  • This is the creepiest and darkest song Melanie has ever released.