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Humpty Trumpty

Humpty Trumpty is a single, and a diss track pop song by singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez. She wrote it after Donald Trump lost the election. It was the most popular song of 2020, reaching over 78,000,000,000 digital installations. It is also Melanie's first single with a gif as the picture. A famous man known for being problematic, named "Donald Trump" also retweeted the song saying "Woah, glad I'm not this pathetic idiot!". The post got 2 likes and 3574 comments.

Lyrics from the Snippet

Humpty Trumpty built a stupid wall,

Humpty Trumpty had a great fall,

All the Depublicans and Remocrats,

Could agree Trumpty was a spoilt brat.

Nobody cared,

Nobody was frightened.

Nobody was scared.

For winner was Boe Jiden!

"F-ck you, dump!"

"You're so racist!"

"Screw your junk!"

Said the People that he's pissed.

Roses are Res,

Violets are Blue

I hope nobody looks up to him

Especially all of you!

Tronald Jackass Dump (Promotional Photoshoot)




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