"Gummies" is the fourth studio album by Melanie Martinez. It was released on June 2nd, 2021.


On December 3rd, 2020, DFG stated in an interview: "Yeah, Melanie's fourth album is coming out. I'm super excited." Melanie replied on Instagram with "The loose-lipped Canadian has done it again. There will be a fourth album in 2021." 

On February 21st, 2021, Melanie posted a picture of a gummy bear with no caption on her Instagram story. It was later revealed that the album would be called Gummies.


Unlike Fairytale Dreams, the main focus of Gummies is on Cry Baby again, rather than Sophia. It starts off with Sophia's father trying to poison her by giving her gummies made from arsenic, leading Cry Baby on a path of anger and vengeance, which eventually becomes an all-out family war.


There are 13 tracks on the CD with 3 additional for the deluxe version. There is both an explicit version of the album and a clean version.


  • Asterisks = songs that have both an explicit version and a clean version.
  1. Gummies*
  2. Cuckoo Clock*
  3. Chalkboard
  4. Dead Flower
  5. King of the Arcade*
  6. Fire Drill*
  7. Luck
  8. Shoelaces*
  9. Hall of Mirrors
  10. Mistakes
  11. Flying and Falling
  12. Darkness-Light*
  13. Ketchup*

Deluxe Version

13. Play With Fire (cover) (feat. DFG)

14. Hot Cross Buns*

15. Zero Times One


  • The tracklist was leaked, however, it was incorrect because King of the Arcade and Hall of Mirrors replaced Last Chapter and Paper People at the last minute.


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