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"Ghostly Daylight", otherwise known before production as "Ghostly", is the 2nd studio album by Melanie Martinez, Melanie started writing for the album a few months after the release of "Crybaby" and then started production on November 12th, 2015. The album was released on May 6th, 2016 with 12 tracks, and a deluxe edition was released on January 2nd, 2017 with 3 extra tracks. The album also had a special Japanese version released two days after the standard version release on May 8th, 2016 that added 4 bonus tracks.

The album made it to the number 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 for albums in its first week and stayed there for 3 more days before dropping to number 8 and staying there for 5 weeks.


The album talks about Crybaby dying and becoming a ghost, she tried to escape the "World of Ghosts" to go back and meet her friends because she misses them. She goes through all sorts of trials to make it to the "Portal to the real world". Eventually she makes it to the Portal and makes it back to the real world and became resurrected and found her friends, they meet again and they all hug and cry at the end.


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Before the album released Melanie made 3 singles to help promote the album. Before she announced the album she had made an Instagram post talking that new content was coming soon and the day after she showed off the album cover and told everyone the title and released the first single.


Before the release of the album she had released 3 singles off of the album, the last one being released along side the main album.

"Small World of Sadness" is the lead single off of "Ghostly Daylight" and was released on April 5th with amazing reviews by critics.

"3 A.M" is the 2nd single off of "Ghostly Daylight" and was released on April 25th and was received decently with very few complaints.

"Hurtful Spirits" is the last single off of "Ghostly Daylight" and was released on the same day as the album release, May 6th, 2016, with reviews that it was a masterpiece and one of the best off the album.


There are 12 tracks on the CD with 3 additional for the deluxe version and 4 more for the Japanese edition. There were over 24 total tracks recorded for the album but 5 did not make it in due to Melanie finding many boring or just not needed.

  • There is both an explicit version of the album and a clean version.
  • "*" = a song that has both explicit and clean versions.
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "My Death"* Melanie Martinez Kinetics and One Love 3:24
2. "Small World of Sadness" Melanie Martinez, Michael Keenan Kinetics and One Love 3:09
3. "The Ghost World"* Melanie Martinez One Love 3:26
4. "Where I Went"* Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan 3:26
5. "3 A.M"* Melanie Martinez, Michael Keenan Michael Keenan 3:00
6. "Nightlight" Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan 2:46
7. "Daytime Oncemore" Melanie Martinez Kinetics and One Love 4:54
8. "God..." Melanie Martinez, Michael Keenan Kinetics and One Love 3:45
9. "Hell or Heaven?"* Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan 3:46
10. "Hurtful Spirits"* Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan 4:05
11. "Not My True Ending" Melanie Martinez One Love 3:36
12. "I'm back" Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan, Kinetics and One Love 5:34
Deluxe Edition
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
13. "Time's Up"* Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan 3:36
14. "Glass Hands"* Melanie Martinez Kinetics and One Love 3:46
15. "Bloody Mary"* Melanie Martinez Kinetics and One Love 2:28
Japanese Edition
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
13. "Are you there?"* Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan 3:44
14. "Story of an Insomniac" Melanie Martinez One Love 5:03
15. "Normalcy Will Never Be Achieved" Melanie Martinez One Love 3:41
16. "Are you real?"* Melanie Martinez Kinetics and One Love 3:33

Scrapped/Cut Songs

There were 5 scrapped songs that were made for "Ghostly Daylight" out of the 24 total tracks recorded. Only a 3 have been leaked besides the names. All the names were leaked 2 months after the release of the album after looking through Melanie's source code, after a leaker was looking through them.


  • Bold typing indicates that the song, snippets of the song, or lyrics have been leaked/posted/performed at some point.
  • Italic typing indicates that the song was intended for one of Melanie's studio albums or EPs but was scrapped.
  • Underlined typing indicates that the song's full studio version has been leaked.
  1. Johnny Speaks to Me
  2. Send Me Back, Please
  3. World Full of Creeps
  4. Normal Life
  5. Happy Death, isn't it?



  • Melanie stated that she really liked this album over "Crybaby".
  • Melanie wanted to add 2 more tracks to the standard edition but ran out of time.
  • Melanie's favorite song on the album is "Nightlight".
  • Melanie was hoping to make an EP to feature some unreleased songs onto it, as an extra to the album.
  • Melanie hopes to add "My Death" onto another body of work but said its "unlikely".
  • The longest song on the album is "I'm back" on the standard edition
    • Same with the Deluxe Edition and Japanese Editon
  • The shortest song on the album is "Nightlight" on the standard edition and Japanese edition
    • While the shortest on the Deluxe is "Bloody Mary"
  • Melanie said she plans on releasing a special version of "a few songs"
  • "Hurtful Spirits" replaced "World Full of Creeps".
  • "I'm back" replaced "Normal Life"
  • "Are you real?" replaced "Johnny Speaks to Me" in the Japanese Edition
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