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"Finding You" is the third album of Melanie Martinez that was released on April 7th, 2018. The album was published by Atlantic Records through digital download, CD, vinyl and audio cassette. All of her fans were very excited since she has released her 2nd album.


This album is from Crybaby’s mom’s perspective. It is about her dealing with her first crush, who is Crybaby’s dad. She is trying to figure out what kind of person he is. Soon the carnival comes to town, and she wants to go with him, but is too scared to ask him. She decides to go by herself, and hopes that she will find him there. A stalker follows her to the carnival, but she is rescued by Crybaby’s dad. They become friends and get married. Soon he starts acting weird again. The two start drinking and partying out of control. She finds out that he used to have another girlfriend before her that is named Mrs. Potato Head that he dumped because she was not beautiful. She later gives birth to Crybaby’s brother...


Standard Edition

  1. Cloud to Cloud
  2. Four Leaf Clover
  3. Maze of Thickets
  4. Cotten Land
  5. Perseus
  6. Tree House
  7. Green Lake
  8. Silver Bells
  9. Slumber Party
  10. Highway
  11. Bedtime Stories
  12. Waves
  13. Moth


Horse Race- released as the lead single

Cartoon- released as the second single

Train Wreck- released as the third single

Dr. Suess- released as fourth single


  • Train Wreck was originally meant to be part of the actual album but was scrapped and it was later released as a single.
  • Moth, the 13th track of this album, is called Moth because that is what Crybaby’s dad called Mrs. Potato Head.
  • Melanie herself said that she hated puzzles, and Crybaby’s mom hated having to try to figure him out like he was a puzzle.
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