"CandyDreams" is a theatrical film released on October 14th, 2022, directed and written by Melanie Martinez. It was made as a way to promote and explain the main scenario of her third namesake album.


Beyond a town loaded of contempt, religious intolerance and bullying, a shyish and invisible girl dels with the pain to be rejected, and gets into a huge mess while suddenly and regretfully finding a doorway to escape from that living: a suspicious book that ends up bringing unexpected visits. It all seems to be right at her fingertips, but she doesn't know everything that awaits her, giving her the opportunity not only to change her personal life, but a whole different reality.


It all starts when Blissy, a shy student, is in love with one of her classmates, but cannot declare herself. So, after class, Blissy runs to the school library to tirelessly look for something to help her, but with no suceess. She walks sadly to her locker, and she suddenly finds a book, inside a cabinet, called "CandyDreams", with a note saying that was a gift from a secret friend. Blissy was curious because she had never heard of that book. She took it home to read.

So, when she was in her room, Blissy decided to open the book, and while turning the pages quickly, was taken by surprise hearing strange whispers and seeing an intense light being projected on the pages of the book, leaving Blissy very scared and paralyzed. All of a sudden, Blissy was sucked into the book. Suddenly, she was in a forest full of cotton candy trees, so she was very scared but then realized that the place it wasn't that bad.

In the blink of an eye something unexpected happened again, a floating light appeared in front of her and it left Blissy completely mesmerized to the point that she wanted to touch it but when she tried to do that the light disappeared and appeared again a further ahead, then she tried to touch it again and the same it happened so she understood that this light was trying to take her to a place so without many options she decided to follow it.

Then the light completely disappeared when it got close to a town called "CandyDreams Ville" according to the sign outside it. So Blissy decided to enter that place in an attempt to find a way back home and when she set her foots in the entrance, she was delighted to see that everything was made of candies and treats including the citizens. At that moment Blissy was so distracted that it took her a while to realize that someone was trying to get her attention.

This citizen greeted her asking if she was a visitor or was lost. Blissy after apologizing answered his question by saying her name and claiming to be a visitor so after it the citizen revealed to be the tourist guide of the town and that was called Mr. Creamy. Lastly he asked her one last question about whether she wanted to see the town and Blissy responded by saying yes.

Then the two got into a touring car, and Blissy realized that it had details that resembled honey bears.[1] So Mr.Creamy said that his original car was in the mechanic so he had to use another. He then started to present the town through a song that had the car jingle as instrumental. (Honey Fingers)



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