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Boots is the second album after Crybaby. It is an album themed around Crybaby living her own life as her Mom is always passed out and never helps her and her dad is dead. In an interview, she stated that "Crybaby is like me, Boots is about, you know, my teenage life as a teenager. Boots was my best friend in High School, but he betrayed me."


Deluxe Tracklist

Japanese Edition



Sippy Cup: The Remixes

Melanie said that Sippy Cup was a song that Cry Baby had lots of flashbacks on. She released remixes for Sippy Cup on November 15th, 2029.

Scrapped Songs


  • Paper People
  • He Invited Me Into His Fancy House
  • Don't Stop It


You Love i was released on November 16th, 2029. Melanie said she wanted to give the leakers another chance, and she said this was one of her personal favorite songs. It ended up being a lead single.

Drug Money, Drug Money was later released on December 17th, 2029. This song and You Love I were the lead singles for the album, but Melanie said that You Love I was always going to be her favorite from here.

Boots was released as a minor single before these songs on July 17th, 2029. It is the shortest song and the worst song in Melanie's opinion.

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