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Back For Revenge is the 3rd Studio Album by Melanie Martinez. It has a continuation movie with the same name to K-12's film.


The lead single "The Real CryBaby" was released in June 10 2022 (the same day/time the album was released).


  1. Back Home
  2. Next Stop
  3. Meditation Class
  4. A Familiar Face
  5. Kelly's Disguise Invention
  6. Replaced
  7. Brandon's Love
  8. Plan A
  9. Treated Like Servants
  10. The Real CryBaby
  11. It's Never Too Late
  12. Change Of Heart
  13. Let's Party!

Deluxe Edition

  1. Use With Extreme Caution
  2. Please Don't Leave
  3. Pretty Pink
  4. Delicacy

Target Edition

  1. Let's Party! (Acoustic)
  2. Play Date (100 Gecs Remix)
  3. Drinking Tea



  • It has 13 songs (like every other album).
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