"At The Christmas Tree" is a christmas special edition extended play (EP) by Melanie Martinez, being the fourth that the artist released. The EP was was planned to be released December 13th, 2019, but the tracklist was early leaked November 30th, 2019 by a banned wiki's member called "SweetFizzawer".


After the releasing of her first feature-film, Melanie began writing, among other things, three songs for a Christmas EP, which would be released late 2019, which would include "Gingerbread Man" as the last track, whereas that the song was also released on "Cry Baby Extra Clutter" EP.


  1. The Present's Coal
  2. Snow
  3. Santa's List
  4. Gingerbread Man

Cut Songs

  • Haunted by Grinch
  • Milks and Cookies (Christmas Edition)
  • Gift in the Tree
  • Snowflakes (rewriten as "Snow")

Featured Characters

  • Cry Baby
  • Gingerbread Man


ve At The Christmas Tree (EP)
Featured Tracks The Present's Coal • Snow • Santa's List • Gingerbread Man
Characters Cry Baby • Gingerbread Man
Locations Cry Baby's House (Location)
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